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Rashada Siojo | The Owner

Growing up with a mother in the cosmetology field, it’s no surprise Rashada Siojo started doing her friends’ hair and make-up at the tender age of 8. Making people look and feel beautiful is simply in her blood.

In the illustrious career that has since followed, Rashada Siojo has transformed countless individuals with an approach to beauty that is pure, fresh and inspired. The opening of Siojo Salon & Spa Lounge in Old City has established a premier destination that promises to bring her innovative approach to countless more.

From a very young age Rashada has had a vision of an location that made clients the focus and addressed their needs with elements from nature. “There are no rules. There are no limits to my creativity. I approach each person differently; I create my work around the individual” says the young entrepreneur. From intimate weddings, private parties to celebrity clientele, Siojo can produce some of the industry’s most sought-after styles. Her artisan talent is matched only by the products and tools that assist her in her craft. The list includes Japanese shears, thinning shears for texture and funk, Ibiza Brushes (natural boar brushes for the ultimate blow out), Siojo's in-house Mineral Cosmetics brand, Siojo Make-up Brushes and skin care, the whole line of Phyto products - of which she has indulged for the past 12 yrs - infrared Japanese steamers for custom hair therapies and her signature custom made banana leaf hair mask just to name a few. Now after much vision diligence and perseverance she calls 244 Race Street home! Siojo makes it clear that she wants every client that walks in the door to feel welcome. " Mi Casa es Su Casa" says Siojo.

As you enter the urban dwelling of Siojo Salon & Spa Lounge you are captivated by not only the sights and sounds but also the gravity of a rich history unique to Old City. Based on organic materials, it doesn’t take long to see Siojo’s menu of services was created to exceed convention. The carefully selected services are influenced by artistry, alchemy and years of the owner’s dedication to fashion & innovation and nature. Siojo’s offerings are an effortless blend of natural beauty with modern technology in a cosmopolitan environment.

Whether the installation of a high-grade water filtration system or treatments infused with herbal concentrates, freeze dried sea water and essential oils, SIOJO is destined to be a preeminent force in the beauty care industry. With plans to expand across the globe, this is the beginning of something truly special.